Construction Needs

The work on the James Munsey Memorial Tabernacle in Reynosa is about to begin. Nearly $30,000 has been raised already for the $40,000 project which is scheduled to start in October. Pastor Marco Mendoza has conducted several services in the Tabernacle in anticipation of making it a fulltime Free Will Baptist church reaching the community surrounding the seminary.

A generous friend of the ministry recently donated the last $2,000 that was needed to complete the roof on the Templo Centro de Fe in Felipe Carillo Puerto. The concrete slab should be poured by the first of the year. President Howard Munsey will lead a Volunteer Construction Team to work on this Quintano Roo church early in 2008. The church’s pastor is Arnulfo Chablé Valencia.

Pastor Santiago Regalado is looking for $4,000 to pour the roof on the Templo Sinai in Monte Cristal, Nuevo Leon. More than $6,000 has already been donated to the project. The work, however, is at a standstill until this important phase of construction is completed.

Thomaston Free Will Baptist Church has donated the first $10,000 installment of a $30,000 pledge for the construction of a new church building for the Templo Berea in Tuxtepec, Oaxaca. The project is waiting for some issues related to their property to be resolved. Manuel Pérez Palma is the pastor.

Pastor Miguel Martínez Ortiz has asked for a $25,000 grant to purchase property for the Templo Jesús Divino Salvador in Ayotzintepec. The 225-member congregation has skilled laborers for the construction and some building materials on hand. No funds have been given toward this endeavor.

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